School Vision and values

Welcome to St Peter’s!

We are a small, friendly, church school, steeped in the rich history of Wapping and the London Docks area. It is a school whose foundations over 150 years ago continues to inspire its ethos and values today. We are an outstanding school and are committed to improving further with a clear focus on maximising the achievement of each member of our rich and diverse community. We very much value and appreciate the positive support of our parents and of the wider community and we strive for an open and welcoming environment where we can work in partnership for the benefit of all our pupils.

Mrs Figueiredo - Head teacher

Our Vision Statement

As a Church of England School we seek to provide a Christian education for the children of the parish of St. Peter’s London Docks and for those who elect to come to our school. Children are presented with the teachings of the Christian faith as the revelation of God’s truth and are encouraged to grow in that faith, respecting the beliefs and cultures of others.

Education is seen as being concerned with excellence in learning and for the spiritual and social growth of children, developing the individual potential of each child to the fullest.

Our L.I.G.H.T Values






Bright beginnings - Faith for the Future

Every day at St Peter’s Primary School, the staff & governors work to make sure that St Peter’s children;

  • have respect for themselves and others

  • are enthusiastic, inquiring learners

  • know what it feels like to have done their best and achieve

  • understand the value of prayer and its place in their lives

  • understand the importance of goodness, honesty, and hard work

  • have a clear set of values; understanding their rights and responsibilities

  • have the skills and opportunity to work collaboratively

  • have shared friendship & learned how to get along well with other people

  • have happy memories of their time with us

  • have aspirations to embrace every opportunity to further their education, knowledge, skills and interests, throughout their live