History at St Peter'S

At St Peter’s, we see History as one of the real driving forces behind our creative curriculum. Our History Curriculum is rooted in the objectives of the 2014 National Curriculum but is tailored to meet the needs of our children and explore the rich background, history, culture and diversity of the City we live in.

Here at St Peter's, we aim to teach the History curriculum in a thematic and cross curricula way with many of our whole school Topic Themes being history based. These Topic Themes are shared across all classes from Years 1 to 6 and are accessed at different levels of progression.

We aim to give our pupils learning experiences that teach them to make meaningful links in their own lives, for example, one topic relates the Ancient Egyptians relationship with the Nile to Wapping’s connection with the Thames. Many of our Literacy units also have an historical theme allowing pupils to broaden their understanding further.

Each class records their work in a Topic Project Book which also contain maps and timelines to aid the children’s understanding of their place in history and the world.

Our teachers follow a History Skills and Knowledge Progression guide to ensure children make progress in the areas of:

  • People, Events and Change

  • Chronology

  • Historical Enquiry

  • Historical Interpretation

Some of St Peter's History highlights:

*Whole school local history projects exploring how Wapping has changed over the years.

*London Landmark trips throughout the year.

If you have any questions about the History provision at St Peter's, please contact our History Coordinator, Miss Cox.