Creative Arts at St Peter's

The development and promotion of the Creative Arts is incredibly important to our school.  We understand the value of drama, music and performing arts in building confidence, improving focus, addressing emotional well-being, developing communication, gaining new perspectives, nurturing creativity and so much more. 

At St Peter's, our Creative Leads provide an extensive and inclusive Arts program for all our pupils from Early Years to Year 6.

We are very fortunate to be sponsored by the Hearn Foundation whose donations allow us to continue to provide our pupils with an exciting and eclectic range of Arts opportunities and experiences during their time at St Peter's. 

Further details of our provision can be found in our Developing and Promoting The Creative Arts report.

Hearn Foundation report 2022-2023 - FINAL.pdf

If you have any questions about our Creative Arts provision at St Peter's, please get in touch via - with the subject 'Creative Arts Questions'.