Curriculum Rationale 

St Peter’s London Docks Curriculum Rationale

“Bright Beginnings – Faith for the Future”

Our Curriculum

The curriculum is the foundation upon which we develop and grow bright beginnings.

Our curriculum develops pupils’ knowledge, skills, social and emotional understanding, alongside behaviours for learning, in order to successfully prepare our pupils for the future and to develop in them a life-long love of learning - faith for the future


We have a culturally diverse school community for whom we have a designed a curriculum that:

Our curriculum units are subject specific and designed in-line with the National Curriculum to ensure good coverage and progression

Each subject has a clear learning journey that ensures our pupils are given the opportunity to effectively build upon previous knowledge and skills with the use of pre and post assessments and knowledge organisers.

We understand the importance of engaging our pupils with the world beyond our school and therefore strive to improve our pupils’ “Cultural Capital”. For us, this encompasses all the experiences and opportunities we provide for our children beyond core classroom learning including: regular trips (local and further afield); experiences and projects with specialists and experts (including musicians, sports coaches and authors); community engagement; competitions, performances and celebrations.

London plays a vital part in our children’s learning too - we actively use the local area and London’s incredible resources to build upon our core curriculum.

Curriculum Mapping

Our curriculum is organised into Whole School Curriculum maps for each term, Whole School Subject Overviews and Medium-Term Plans for each unit of work. These ensure that teachers and Curriculum Leaders have a thorough overview of how our school curriculum progresses from Year 1 to Year 6. These overviews also enable teachers to carefully consider previous learning when introducing new topics and to ensure progression of skills.   

Curriculum Leaders

We have curriculum leaders assigned to each subject area who are responsible (with support where necessary) for ensuring that the status of their subject is upheld within our broad curriculum. They provide action plans that are shaped by a cycle of; setting objectives, monitoring their implementation and reviewing the impact. Curriculum leads also provide support and guidance to teachers in the planning and delivery of their subject area where necessary, monitor resources and promote extra-curricular and CPD opportunities.