Literacy At st peter's

At St Peter's, children throughout Key Stage One and Key Stage Two participate in an exciting range of engaging literacy lessons covering a variety of genres including:

Fictional stories- i.e. The Little Red Hen or The Ironman

Historical non-fiction events- i.e. The Great Fire of London or World War 2

Autobiographies and Biographies- i.e. Harriet Tubman

Myths and Legends- i.e. Beowulf or Romulus and Remus …and many more besides!


Within these creative units, the children learn to write diaries, newspapers, flashback stories, letters, playscripts, character descriptions and several other text types.   

What makes Literacy especially unique at St Peter’s, is that every unit is enhanced with drama activities to help our children empathise with characters and feel empowered as learners - enabling them to take risks, expand their vocabulary and develop deeper understanding of themes and concepts


In addition, we use techniques such as ‘thought-tapping’ and ‘hot seating’ where children can step into the shoes of their focus characters - using an array of costumes and props to enhance their learning experience.


Our scheme of work has been designed and created by Literacy consultant (Nina Birch) who trains our teachers to an extremely high standard so that our children can maximise their learning in the classroom. The journey of each child’s learning is beautifully showcased on our interactive learning walls and within their work books.

Fully immersing the children in drama means they are able to live and breathe their literacy units - making it easier for them to absorb all they learn. We often incorporate out of classroom learning including school trips, guest speakers and themed days in class.

If you have any questions about our Literacy curriculum at St Peter's, please get in touch with our Literacy Lead, Nicola Sands, via - with the subject 'Literacy Questions'.