Science at St Peter's

Our Science Curriculum Map

Science Curriculum Overview 2021 to 2022.pdf

At St Peter’s, we believe that children have both a natural curiosity about their world and a boundless enthusiasm to make sense of it. With this in mind, we aim to harness both their curiosity and enthusiasm to enable our children to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to prepare them for life in the increasingly scientific and technological age that they live in. 

Here at St Peter’s, we know that the teaching of Science develops interest in the world around them and fosters a respect for the environment so by providing children with first-hand experiences, our pupils come face to face with phenomena and learn directly about the way things are and why they behave as they do.  

We aim to teach the Science curriculum in a thematic and cross curricula way (where appropriate) with many of our whole school Topic Themes being science based (e.g. Green Planet and Focus on Force.) These Topic Themes are shared across all classes from Year 1 to 6 for a term and are accessed at different levels of progression. 

Through the teaching of Science at St Peter’s, and in line with the National Curriculum, we aim to:


Some of St Peter's Science highlights:

*After school Science Club 

*School wide, science-based Topic Themes 

If you have any questions about the Science provision at St Peter's, please contact our Science Coordinator, Mr Johnson.